Maria Dent 

Trainer and Behaviourist

Dog Walking

Dog Walking  


Dog Adventures provides a natural environment, which has physical benefits and mental stimulation. All of which your dog needs for healthy wellbeing.  The countryside is a natural agility course where they can walk, run, jump over and climb. The mental benefits of the countryside environment are mind-blowing to dogs. If they can use all their senses of Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Sound. The power of their senses is phenomenal and once they are used their brains kick in. Using a dog’s senses can be more tiring than a walk down the street.

To ensure the safety of your dog I only walk four dogs at a time, and this also depends on their breed and sizing too. I will be discouraging bad habits and rewarding good behavior along the way to help you as owners with reinforced learning.  Rest assured, I am a canine first aider and I take a first aid kit everywhere with me.


I use many different local countryside pathway routes where your dog can explore freely and safely in fields, rivers, and woodlands. I will help them with their recall, I will interact with them to gain focus, and even teach them how to use styes too. We will also enjoy games and stimulating activities. Though for some dogs they just like a stroll, which is perfectly fine too.


I'm very sorry, we are at full capacity at the moment and aren't taking on any more walkers at the moment. If you would like to be put on our waiting list, please get in touch... 


45 min session 

£13 Another dog from the same household £9